Established in 2019, the Strategic Youth Network for Development (SYND) is a youth-oriented NGO aimed at promoting active youth inclusion in the governance of natural resources and environmental sector in Ghana. Over the years, SYND has become a driving force in advocating for sustainable development through its strategic focus on Climate Change, Biodiversity, Forestry, and Renewable Energy.

In collaboration with the ACCESS Coalition, SYND took a major step in 2020 by initiating an online campaign urging the African Development Bank (AfDB) to decentralize renewable energy resources into rural communities. This successful campaign laid the foundation for the #YouthInRE movement, which aimed to promote the use of renewable energy among young people worldwide. SYND’s efforts led to the implementation of various activities aligned with ACCESS’s work streams on SDG 7 implementation, capacity building, learning, and AfDB/World Bank engagements.

Subsequently, SYND as ACCESS Coalition secretariat, recognizing the importance of strengthening the capacity of its members, organized its first regional workshop in 2021. The workshop focused on developing a West Africa Advocacy Strategy to emphasize the pivotal role of Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) in constructively engaging governments on environmental issues.

SYND further provided valuable training to its members on effectively engaging with AfDB and World Bank processes, further enhancing their ability to influence decision-making at higher levels as they are key players in the energy sector.

Notable among these activities are engagement with members, Civil Societies Organisations (CSOs) under the National Development Planning Cooperation (NDPC) in Ghana on Ghana’s SDGs progress report, the status of GH-NDCs with respect to SDG13 & SDG 7.

A post COP26 workshop to discuss impacts of decisions made at the summit on the energy sector in Africa, and members consultation with the world bank on their Multi-tier Tracking framework (MTF), Global Tracking Framework (GTF) and Regulatory Indicators for Sustainable Energy mechanisms (RISE).

By understanding the crucial role of women in accessing and equal distribution of clean energy, SYND, in partnership with the ACCESS Coalition, produced a documentary focusing on the distribution of clean cook stoves in Ghana. This documentary aimed to analyse the impact of clean cook stoves on the lives of women in rural communities based on the distribution of over 5,000 clean cook stoves by the government of Ghana. Additionally, SYND conducted research in the Teacher Mante community to assess the advantages of clean cook stoves over existing traditional methods. The distribution of over 100 clean cook bags from Edumay3 foundation to women, partners, and CSO representatives exemplifies SYND’s commitment to providing alternative cooking methods for all.

SYND has emerged as a leading force in promoting youth engagement and sustainable development in Ghana. Through its thematic areas of Climate Change, Biodiversity, Forestry, and Renewable Energy, SYND has effectively advocated for youth inclusion in the governance of natural resources and environmental sectors. By collaborating with key stakeholders, conducting research, organizing workshops, and leveraging on social media platforms, to make significant impacts on policy-making processes. SYND remains dedicated to empowering youth and fostering environmental sustainability for a brighter future.