SEforAll Forum, 2018: May 2nd, 2018 at 4pm, Lisbon on ‘Last Mile First: Maximizing the impacts of energy access across SDGs’ Last mile first session SEforAll

Side Event at Global SDG7 Conference- Partnership Exchange: 21st Feb, 2018, Bangkok. Civil society engagement and innovative service delivery in achieving the SDGsACCESS Side event_SDG7 conference_21.02.2018

Side Event at COP23: Integrating Energy Access into NDCs (10th Nov 2017)

Over 1 billion people lack modern electricity, most living in rural areas in sub-Saharan Africa or developing Asia and many depending on rainfed smallholder agriculture and ecosystems services under increasing threat from climate change. Distributed electricity powered by renewables (DRE) will play a crucial role in connecting remote communities alongside grid expansion. ACCESS is hosting a Side Event with WWF on Friday 10 November in the Panda Hub, Bonn Zone, from 10-11.15 am, bringing together experts from government, private sector and civil society to discuss the learning to date on delivering energy services to poor groups to boost local economic development, and how energy access can be better integrated into NDC implementation. Details below.

COP23 WWF-ACCESS Side event_10.Nov.2017COP23_WWF_ACCESS_Side Event_10.Nov.2017