By ACCESS Coalition November, 2019. Text & research: Jacqueline Kimeu.

A Discussion Paper on Analysis of the Energy Act No.1 of 2019: Mapping out key entry points for CSOs influencing.

This discussion paper seeks to explore the opportunities within Kenya’s Energy Act of 2019 that civil society
organizations (CSOs) in the country can plug into to scale up progress to meet Sustainable Development Goal 7
(SDG 7) on ‘Ensuring access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy for all’. The newly enacted Act
is a vehicle for accelerating the achievement of the country’s SEforALL/ SDG 7 targets. Toward this end,
stakeholders in the energy space need to fully understand the provisions of the Energy Act of 2019 and its
implications for achieving universal access.

The paper is work-in-progress and is based on a rapid analysis of the Energy Act of 2019 and the experiences of
key CSOs in the Kenyan energy sector following a round-table co-hosted by SEforALL and ACCESS Coalition on 18th
and 19th November 2019 at Crowne Plaza Hotel, Nairobi. ACCESS Coalition recognizes that the analysis is not an
exhaustive piece of research, it is an attempt to stir a conversation on the opportunities for CSOs to influence the implementation of the Energy Act. We, therefore, welcome comments and feedback on the opportunities and
suggestions made here including the practicability of realizing these opportunities.

Open The Analysis of the Energy Act No.1 of 2019 Report