The Kenya Climate Change Working Group (KCCWG) Association was formed in February 2009 and formally registered in February 2011 as a consortium of civil society organizations working on climate change issues.

KCCWG is the leading national membership network uniting voices and actions on climate change and nexus issues with the aim of creating synergies in response to the impacts and the underlying issues. The organization’s mandate is to empower, coordinate, and represent CSOs’ in collaborative advocacy actions on climate change matters in Kenya and beyond and to influence legal and regulatory frameworks at all levels towards asserting a climate resilient development pathway.

KCCWG is the East African regional node for ACCESS Coalition, and its role includes coordinating national and regional engagements in line with ACCESS’ work streams of implementation of SDG 7 on energy access during this decade of action, capacity development and learning for members, engagement strategies with AfDB and World Bank on climate change and energy access issues. 

KCCWG and ACCESS work together in implementing multiple projects nationally, regionally, and globally. KCCWG has hosted the ACCESS Coalition’ office in Nairobi, Kenya since 2018. 

The network has a membership of over 400 national, regional, and international civil society organizations, research institutions, universities, private sector, media, and other stakeholders. They enhance climate change advocacy at county, national and international levels. 

Achievements of KCCWG:

  • Led the process of drafting and enactment of the Kenya Climate Change Act (2016)
  • Has influenced the development of key national energy and climate change legislative frameworks including the National climate change Act 2016, the Nationally Determined Contributions, first and second National Climate Change Action Plans, National Climate Change Learning Strategy, National Agroforestry strategy, County Integrated Development Plans, County Energy Plans among others
  • Nomination to National and county gazette taskforces and committees
  • Nomination to the climate change council established under the climate change Act 2016 and chaired by the president of Kenya
  • Has a membership of over 400 civil society organizations from the initial number of 9 organizations
  • Has a fully-fledged secretariat that implements national and regional projects on climate change and energy
  • Has played a leading role in lobbying and pushing for national and international policies on climate change and energy access
  • Great rapport with National and county governments who have become key networking allies