ENVenture is a program of New Energy Nexus, a subsidiary of New Energy Nexus Calcef with 501 in the US (www.newenergynexus.com). They equip grass-root organizations like – Community-Based Organizations and Village Savings and Loans Associations with business skills to become rural distributors of clean energy technologies. This is achieved by setting up clean energy enterprises in Uganda’s last-mile communities to serve hard-to-reach low-income earners that lack access to clean energy.


They also provide clean energy entrepreneurs with low-cost energy loans and 1:1 business coach, taking their business in a Box from idea to execution.

In Uganda, 73.3% of the population lacks access to electricity. People in off-grid communities use technologies like candles, and kerosene lamps for lighting while three stone cookstoves are used for cooking. Because of this, over 40,000 Ugandans die as a result of indoor pollution. Additionally, Uganda loses 49.2kha of forest cover due to the over-reliance on firewood which is used as a fuel for cooking, equivalent to 23.5Mt of CO₂ emissions. The lack of access to clean energy technologies for lighting means children cannot read at night, people spend a lot more on their traditional lighting technologies

Since 2016, ENVenture has incubated over 171 off-grid clean energy enterprises creating 686 jobs of which 70% were taken by women. These enterprises have sold clean energy products, benefiting over 125,000 people. Over 170 investments have been made to the value of US$246,000 and over $4.5 Million saved by the households served by our entrepreneurs as a result of the transition to clean energy technologies.

ENVenture’s Impact report 2022