Report by:  Hivos, ENERGIA and SNV.

Energy is key to human development. We need energy for daily activities including cooking, education, community centres, medical treatment, as well as to earn a living. However, more than a billion people still do not have access to affordable, reliable and clean energy. The energy we produce, is not distributed evenly; women especially do not have equal access to and control over energy services. Nor is it produced in a sustainable manner.

Sustainable Development Goal 7 aims to tackle this global issue and ensure universal access to affordable, reliable and sustainable energy. Progress towards this goal however, has been far too slow. If we are serious about fulfilling this commitment, we have to up our game.

The key to achieve universal energy access is diverse partnerships. We need all sectors of society – public, private and civil society – to do their part and work together. Civil society organisations (CSOs) have demonstrated how crucial they are to ensure energy access for all.

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