During the last past months, the ACCESS Coalition found out the need to start mobilizing best practices and sharing relevant knowledge among the ACCESS members. For this, the ACCESS learning group (composed by Practical Action, energypedia, GERES, IIED and the Wuppertal institute) wants to initiate a series of Smart-Webinars, starting with productive use of energy as this is a highly relevant topic for the ACCESS Coalition.

Impact of COVID-19 on Energy Access Organizations – Survey Results.

COVID-19 & CSOS: Redefining Funding for the Global South

ACCESS Learning Group and the Secretariat conducted an online survey for its members spread across 18 countries globally. The survey aimed at assessing the coping mechanisms for CSOs during COVID-19 and how best CSOs could continue playing their advocacy role. A total of 24 organizations working globally responded to the survey. The survey showed that CSOs currently have two imperatives: protecting their personnel in contact with the population and guaranteeing work continuity. Another glaring challenge was the lack of finance and the existing inequalities in funding – a lot of funding is geared towards the ‘big’ organisations while leaving grassroots CSOs and SMEs out of the picture.

This webinar shared the results of the survey with a focus on available funding opportunities; how to address the existing inequalities; and what strategies CSOs at the community level should employ to access these funds.

Moderated by Maimuna Kabatesi – Project Manager (Hivos). Panelists: Kenneth Mtago – Renew’N’Able Malawi (RENAMA), Jens Jaeger – Policy & Business Development (ARE), Lylian Rodriguez – Coordinator (RedBioCol), William Brent – Chief Campaign Officer (Power for All), Mariama Karama – Founder/Director (Smiling Through Light).

Q&A during the Webinar

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Energy Access: the role of civil society in the area of productive uses.

This webinar is the first in a series of webinars that targets knowledge sharing from CSOs operating in energy access for other CSOs and beyond.

This webinar focused on the productive uses of energy (PUE) and the role of Civil Society Organizations in promoting PUE. Two case studies highlight experiences from Kenya: Practical Action focused on milling and ice-making for making a mini-grid viable and Rainforest Alliance will present their experiences of promoting local briquettes manufacturing in tea industries. The webinar also included a presentation from ACCESS Coalition about its strategy for 2019-2021.

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Speakers: Emma Colenbrander – Practical Action, Jacqueline Kimeu – ACCESS Coalition, Shadrack Kiprono Kirui – Rain Forest Alliance, Dr. Julia Terrapon-Pfaff – Wuppertal Institute.

Q&A during the Webinar

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