ACCESS members are looking forward to participating in the SEforALL Forum, taking place in Brooklyn next week.


Twenty five ACCESS members will be represented at the network, including fifteen national organisations. Many thanks for SEforALL for supporting participation of members from Africa and Asia. To meet members of the network, find our stall the the marketplace on Wednesday 5th April or take part in one of the events listed below.

ACCESS will be releasing a statement for the event – look out for this next week!

Partner sessions

Day 1 – April 3rd

13:45 – 14:45

The role of Results Based Financing in Realising Sustainable Energy for All

SNV Netherlands Development Organisation and the Energising Development (EnDev) Program

Increasingly Results Based Financing (RBF) is being piloted as an innovative tool to promote energy access in developing countries. It offers incentives payments on the basis of results achieved to businesses that deliver pre-specified outputs. This session will look at experiences using RBF in energy programs, compare different RBF schemes and draw lessons as to the key challenges and success factors. This session aims to inform and inspire energy practitioners, financial institutes, government representatives and other stakeholders on the use of RBF schemes in overcoming barriers and accelerate market development for energy access.

Day 2 – April 4th

13:45 – 14:45

More than a connection: crowdsourcing data to assess and improve the quality of electricity supply

World Resources Institute

Grid supply in many developing countries is struggling to keep up with demand, resulting in unreliable and inadequate electricity service. Innovative solutions like decentralized renewable energy and energy efficiency can be integrated into traditional grid services to help solve the problem. Open, granular, and credible data on the quality of supply are key to catalyzing discussion about what actions can be taken, who will benefit from them, and how results of investments can be monitored. The goal of this session is to share experiences with collecting data on the quality of supply and improving access to electricity along multiple dimensions.

13:45 – 14:45

Finance flows for energy access: are the right levels of finance flowing?

SEforALL, Climate Policy Initiative, World Bank, African Development Bank, Practical Action Consulting

Access to finance is cited as one of the core barriers to accelerating energy access. In an effort to unlock the necessary levels of investment, SEforALL has engaged partners to develop an inventory of where finance is flowing and whether these flows meet the financing needs and absorptive capacity of those seeking to close the access gap. The Session will explicitly solicit feedback on the approach, methodology, data and stakeholders needs and perceived challenges to ensure its relevance and usability, and will ensure that we meet the overall project goal – to inform decision makers on how to mobilize the most effective and appropriate finance required to deliver energy access by 2030.

16:45 – 17:45

Governments, civil society and private sector – who needs a seat at the table to achieve green and inclusive energy access?


Decentralized renewable energy is playing a key role when it comes to energy access however, the Global Tracking Framework shows we are not at the necessary speed to achieve universal energy access by 2030. The session will focus on sharing learnings on how working together with a broad range of stakeholders across government, civil society and the private sector can accelerate the uptake of decentralized renewable energy access. The interactive session will feature storytelling and in-depth discussion around the success criteria and pitfalls of multi-stakeholder partnerships and make the case for a renewed emphasis on this approach.

Day 3 – April 5th

15:00 – 16:00

Leveraging efforts for scaling energy access through women centric business models


Energy access and gender equality are both reflected as important goals in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. While the two are often discussed separately, they are inextricably linked. Over the past few years, a number innovative business models around women’s energy entrepreneurship have gained traction. NGOs and the private sector are finding it profitable to engage women (and their networks) as part of the workforce in promotion, sale, servicing, and financing of off-grid electrification solutions, as well as in leadership positions in energy sector organizations. This session will discuss the success and value add of women-centric business models and how to take such approaches and investments to scale, while also harnessing socio-economic benefits.

15:00 – 16:00

Accelerating Gender and Inclusion for Energy Sector Development

SEforALL Gender and Inclusion Accelerator

To achieve universal access to sustainable energy justly and without leaving anyone behind requires gender and inclusion consideration to be placed at heart of SEforALL’s strategic approach.  This session aims to strengthen collaboration with partners and launch an accelerator to develop and promote approaches that address gender equity and provide modern energy access to the very poorest, contribute to women’s full participation in access solutions and associated economic opportunities, and extend the universe of partners in this area including women’s organizations not traditionally engaged in energy issues.

ACCESS members speaking during the event

Neha Misra  (Solar Sister)

Aaron Leopold (Practical Action)

Sarah Best (IIED)

Jennifer Layke (WRI)

Sheila Oparaocha (ENERGIA)