1. About the organisation including mission/vision.

The Strategic Youth Network for Development (SYND) was established in September 2008 with the aim of contributing to youth development interventions in Ghana.  Our vision is to achieve environmental sustainability through active youth inclusion in the governance of climate-related thematic areas. SYND aims to be a bridge between the Ghanaian government and youth on climate and other environmental-related issues. Our primary goal is to reduce fossil fuel-related emissions through youth inclusion in:

  1. Governance of the natural resources and
  2. Formulation, implementation, and review of existing environmental sector policies, programs, and projects from local to national level

2. Areas where SYND works in:

SYND works at the national level in Ghana with affiliations at the regional and global levels. We focus primarily on young people.

Our thematic areas are: Forestry, Energy Access, Biodiversity, Climate Change.

3. Partnership with ACCESS:

SYND is the West Africa Regional Node for ACCESS Coalition coordinating the work of the coalition at the sub-regional level.

4. Socials:

5. Organization’s Key Resources and Material: