Roles and responsibilities of individual members

  • Actively support the Mission of ACCESS
  • Participate in and contribute to implementing the strategy- at International, Regional and/or National levels
  • Participate and/or contribute to ACCESS’ knowledge and capacity building initiatives, including the newsletter, blog, social media feed
  • Share information, advocacy opportunities with the International Secretariat and amongst members
  • Collaborate with other ACCESS members through Working Groups, Regional strategy delivery, Outreach, International events and activities and so on.
  • Share information on ACCESS with external stakeholders
  • Follow the guidelines laid out for the use of Discussion lists and emails


Use of ACCESS discussion list

  • All individuals    who represent ACCESS   member organizations are    allowed post to the email list so long as they comply with the criteria for acceptable information listed below.
  • If there are concerns about any material posted to the email list, these should be directed to the Coordinator in the first instance.


Information that can be circulated to the email lists  includes:

  • Intelligence sharing and discussion on sustainable energy access and related issues.
  • Reporting back from ACCESS meetings and discussion of content.
  • Reporting back from external meetings and discussion of  content.
  • Reporting back on organizational work (only those relevant to ACCESS objectives and strategic priorities)
  • Notifications of and relevant discussion around upcoming job openings, projects, strategies, funding proposals, collaboration opportunities, workshops, meetings and events
  • Notifications of and relevant discussion around ACCESS positions, strategies, submissions and    other outputs
  • Notifications of opportunities for collaboration amongst members

NB: For information that is not already for public consumption, this kind of information can be shared beyond the ACCESS mailing list provided a request is made to the list and no concerns are raised


Email Etiquette

  • Make sure    your email    signature is  on all your  messages (including,   at minimum: your name,   the organization you represent    and work email).
  • Do not “reply-­‐all”    unless you are continuing    a discussion with the whole list.
  • Clearly specify if the email is ‘for information only’ to prevent responses that clutter the inbox of other representatives
  • Be aware of respecting others’ time constraints    (for example, don’t write “thank you”    or “noted” when replying all).
  • Do not trade insults with other users of the list. If a posting offends you, raise it directly with the person posting off the list or bring it to the attention of the list administrator.
  • Treat others as you would like to be treated. Aggressive behaviour, condescension, rudeness, racism,    homophobia, bigotry, cultural insensitivity and sexism are not acceptable.
  • If a member does not adhere to the etiquette outlined here, and a complaint is received by the Coordinator, the complaint will be discussed with them and they will be given one written warning. If they continue the same behaviour after the warning, their email will be removed from the list.