Join as a Member

Thanks for your interest in joining the ACCESS Coalition.

Before beginning your application, please review information about the Coalition’s Mission and Theory of change, as well as the membership criteria and roles and responsibilities of members

The membership process is outlined below

Please note: You will be redirected to a page on Energypedia (ACCESS partner) for the the ACCESS membership application form. You will need to create a login username and password in order to access the application form. 

  1. Complete new members’ survey through the online application form here, including the details of 2 references from the current membership list, available here.
  2. Request your references to send a short email to with
    • Subject: Membership- Reference for (your organization’s name) and with the following information:
    • How long have you (the referee) known the organization (applicant) for? What aspects of their work are most relevant to ACCESS (how would they benefit from being ACCESS members and how would ACCESS benefit from their membership) (50 words maximum)
    • Closing sentence: I, (individual name), as (role) in (organization name), support the application of (Applicant) for the membership of ACCESS
    • Please note: the onus of contacting and requesting a reference lies with the organization applying for membership
  3. Subject to meeting the membership criteria, the ACCESS Secretariat will send an email to the ACCESS coalition proposing the new member, with an appropriate deadline (1-2 weeks) for members to raise any concerns.
  4. If no legitimate concerns are raised (i.e. based on the Membership criteria or credible information), you will receive a confirmation of your membership to the Coalition.

We look forward to receiving your application. If you have further questions that are not addressed in the website, please contact us at