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Accelerating Progress Towards SDG 7 (Electrification & Clean Cooking), in Kenya.

The SEforALL- People-Centred Accelerator’s Workstream 1 (WS1) is focused on reaching the hardest to reach; the so-called ‘last mile’. The partner project developed under WS1 for 2019-2020 is “National Strategies”, meaning support for policy development and implementation at the country level, where the access deficits are greatest.

The ACCESS Coalition is the lead partner for the PCA National Strategies project, supported by project partners including World Resources Institute, CAFOD, Practical Action, and Oxfam as part of the project team. The workshop focused on the following questions:
(i) How can we support county-level governments in Kenya to develop their energy plans as envisioned by the Energy Act using an inclusive, integrated energy pathway (IEP) approach, (addressing both grid and off-grid electricity as well as clean cooking) to accelerate the achievement of SEforALL/ SDG7 targets?
(ii) Where is technical support or capacity building needed, and what kind?
(iii) How can we build alliances with nexus CSOs, whose primary focus is another field of development other than energy?

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You can read more about the Energy Act and its implications here.



ACCESS statement for the High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development

47 countries are meeting this week at the United Nations in New York to review their progress on meeting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).



Survey Report - Impact of Climate Change on Youth Leaders in Ghana


Survey Report | Climate Change Impacts: The experiences of Youth Leaders in Ghana

Discussing further on Article 6 of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) which bothers on Education, Training & Public Awareness