Frequently asked questions about ACCESS

How can I get involved with ACCESS?

We are keen to work with other organisations who share our aims. If you have an idea for a project where we could work together, or would like to discuss potential opportunities, contact us using the box below.

We are always looking for CSOs with a background in energy access to join our network of members, and help us to advocate for civil society participation in the pursuit of universal energy access for all. To join ACCESS you need to meet our membership criteria:

1. An independent (local, national and international) CSO/network.
2. Abide by our Mission Statement
3. Have an in-depth understanding of the group’s mission and values and personal commitment to them.
4. Have the ability and capacity to participate virtually and in person in the group’s activities and represent its mission.
5. Have an in-depth knowledge of energy access or sustainable development issues.
6. Have advocacy expertise.

Have a look at our summary document for prospective new members.

If you’re interested in joining, send us a message using the link below.

What do you think needs to change to meet Sustainable Development Goal 7 – universal access to energy?

Our theory of change is that sustainable energy access can only be achieved by:
• Adopting an approach that is both socially just and environmentally sustainable;
• Developing a more meaningful and holistic definition of ‘access’ where households, enterprises and communities have access to the full range of energy supplies and services required to eradicate poverty and support sustainable development, including gender equality;
• Increased investment and political and technical support for decentralised energy;
• Awareness raising and capacity building for communities, civil society, government, private sector and other stakeholders;
• A bottom up, participatory approach to designing and delivering energy services so that the real energy needs and wants of poor communities are met with services & technologies appropriate to their local contexts.

What are the aims of the ACCESS coalition?

1. Significantly strengthen the visibility and presence of civil society organisations (CSOs) working in the international energy access space, and in particular within SEforALL at all levels, and enhance communication around their activities.
2. Enhance CSO and community based organisation participation within other global energy governance initiatives and financing mechanisms, including the SDGs.
3. Improve the transparency and inclusiveness of SEforALL governance.

1. Ensure all three pillars of SEforALL are represented and participate equally in the work of all Regional and Thematic hubs, including in decision-making.
2. Ensure SEforAll processes and documents are transparent and inclusive of multi-stakeholder participation at all stages of their development and implementation.
3. Improve CSO engagement with regional bodies working on energy governance and access issues, including through supporting regional-level CSO energy access advocacy networks and activities.

1. Advocate for transparent and inclusive multi-stakeholder participation at all stages of national/sub-national SEforALL processes and support CSO coordination for effective participation in SEforALL and other energy access discussions and for public outreach.
2. Advocate with donors and investors to build their understanding of the added-value of CSOs for delivering energy access; support capacity building of civil society actors; and document and disseminate best practices.
3. Advocate to ensure energy access is clearly defined and integrated with national/sub-national development priorities and planning.

Want to know more about civil society and clean energy access?

Have a look on our resources page.

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