Eco Matser – Senior Programme Manager, Hivos

Eco Matser, Hivos

Eco Matser is senior programme manager at Hivos and responsible for the Strategic Partnership Green and Inclusive Energy. He has led global campaigns and international advocacy programmes for many years. At Hivos he focuses on development through decentralized renewable energy. He was responsible for the 100% sustainable campaign of Hivos from 2010 to 2015. Eco Matser has also started new programmes such as the Energy Change Lab, creating space for dangerous thinking, exploring complex ideas, and searching for innovative solutions in the energy domain in Tanzania and globally. He also started the Sumba Iconic Island programme, where Indonesian governments, civil society organisations and private sector work together to provide 100 renewable energy for the 700.000 inhabitants of this poor Indonesian island. With this programme Sumba will turn this into a leading example of 100% renewable energy. Eco Matser is based in Global Hivos office in The Hague but visit the regions frequently to work closely with the regional projectleaders and partners to deliver the results on Green and Inclusive Energy.